— My goal is to connect people back to themselves and the divine nature.



Note Panayanggool a.k.a Notep (No-Tep) is a musician and artist based in Bangkok, Thailand who focuses on creating art and music that enriches the viewer’s spirituality.

As an artist: Note’s passion for the arts began in 2005 when she used it as an outlet for her creative energy but it has since grown to become her life’s work. Her dedication to perfecting her craft has earned her multiple accolades and has allowed her to discover her true passion of using the arts to inspire and heal. More recently, Note has merged her work with her interests in energy and spirituality to create pieces that attempts to clear blockages for her audience and breaks them out of the box. She is now working on her second solo Exhibition, “Energy Diary 02” which focuses on breathing and meditation.

As a musician: Note shows her love for producing meaningful music through the hard work she puts into perfecting her craft. Having kick-started her career as a singer in 2010, Note has since branched out into producing tracks for commercial campaigns, art installations, and for her electronic band that plays at renown music festivals and international fashion weeks. Her love for exploring unique sounds give her the freedom to integrate multiple genres into her music. Note’s live sets often features her merging her own sensual vocal into loops with groovy electronic beats. Expect dark melodic techno or quirky house sounds on any of the dance floor she spins. She has performed in the USA, Germany, Italy, France, Croatia, Japan, Hongkong, Singapore, Vietnam, Malaysia, Philippines and Bangkok.