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Peace of mind Installation

Date : 2019
Location : Museum of Contemporary Art (MOCA), Bangkok, Thailand
Live Multimedia meditation room installation by Kit Bencharongkul
Lighting design : ZIEGHT
Sound design : NOTEP
Mixing and Mastering : Montonn Jira

Binaural beats, natural ambience and repetitive musical sounds are the three main keys of this meditative track. Binaural beats take meditation to another level by using science. It can be engineered to target specific brain states; both deep meditation and higher learning. For example, a fluctuation of 10 Hz is detected by the brain if a tone of 200 Hz was playing to the left ear and 210 Hz in the right ear.  In this track, 8 Hz will be detected by your brain. It is the maximum Herz of the “Theta state” which is the state of dreaming and deep meditation. Repetitive musical sounds are tonally pleasing when played at a slow tempo. Listening to them encourage the feeling of safety and tranquility because they are predictable and reliable. Being surrounded by the sounds of nature reminds us that we are a part of a greater whole. We do not only belong in the four walls that surrounded us at home or work but we also needs to reconnect our soul to Mother Nature to see the bigger picture of life.