The Sweet Escape party for Nylon Magazine

Client : Nylon Magazine
Brief : Live Multimedia party in an old elementary school gymnasium in the middle of the city
Concept : NOTEP
Event co-ordinator : Krisaporn Silchai
Stage, environment and lighting design : Jiro Endo, Prapatsorn Sukkaset, Gun Lee and Fiat Piti
Graphic design : NOTEP
Art direction : NOTEP
VDO director : Songpicjo
Photographer : Vihn
Stylist : Trintem
Make up : Pearypie and Fabbrigade
Hair : Fabbrigade
Special thanks to Duangrit Bunnag, Oh Futon, Pearypie, Violette Wautier, Linn Mashannoad, Slum boys and Gene Kasidit

Screen Shot 2562-03-01 at 18.28.36.png